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I'm freaking out over the thought of a Good Omens miniseries. Just way too excited for this. I'm hoping it'll be a grand show ! This wait is already killing me though. Not sure if I can make it.

At the moment I'm looking for a job to fund my schooling. I keep switching interests from teaching ESL and becoming a game or computer programmer. If I could, I'd follow my heart and be a director or artist, but my inspiration is so sporadic it's just unrealistic. For now, I'll write porn. AnE is such a great sort of source material. I'm having an awful amount of fun haha. I think I'll use this journal to crosspost fics after they go up on the kink meme.

Journal for fics and tumblr for arts then.

Whenever I use these things it always turns into just a silly squished together text version of my thoughts. It's like thinking out loud and having it transcribed. Utterly ridiculous I say.

Anyway, I'm invited for a LAN party, so I should go to that. I'd much rather be listening to my Ar Tonelico music/etc, but I've gotta get out of the house sometime. Speaking of, I really need to find a working PS2 soon. Why do they all breeeeeaaaaak??!


Nov. 23rd, 2010 05:53 am
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I got Pop'N Music and Lux-Pain in the mail recently.

The former, despite being the English edition, is actually pretty fun all the same. But the latter I've yet to play. Too busy with those classes yo. I really want to though~. So I can get started on that fanart. owo
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These little avatar sites are far too addicting. Recently I've been all over one called TinierMe and I find it pretty shameful. Still, I'm enjoying drawing Selfy Art.

I don't expect that to last.

On another note, I'm considering applying for a group on dA known as the Stellar Singers. Coming up with a character design is going slower than I anticipated. But~ I think I'll keep trying. It'd be nice to join my friends in a contest for once.
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Game was AWESOME.


Not to mention you get to play as Riku. Which I did. That's always exciting.

And then there are the innuendos and screen shots I took.

My data got overwritten on accident though, so I had to restart.Spending that last bit of that time getting perfects on the mission records I couldn't do the first time was a bit lengthy though.

Anyway, I have two new projects. Translating a Kuroshitsuji doujin for a friend and the male version of Marionette for myself. Onward~.

Got it ~

Sep. 30th, 2009 11:28 am
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It's beautiful, but I still can't play it yet. :/ I'm moving so I have to clean and pack up. The anticipation of learning all the new canon is just killing me.
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I'm way excited for this.


Sep. 14th, 2009 04:48 pm
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my birthday Saturday. Expected to go shut-in playing ren'ai yaoi games, but got surprised. (My friends ended up baking and we played SSB. God it was glorious. Food is definitely the way into my heart.)

Also, yesterday I saw Gackt, GLAY, and L'arc en ciel one. after. another. On TV. I live in America and cancelled my expanded cable. It was a glorious and unexpected moment. Gackt looks really good! I swear he got younger, and he's nearing his 40s. I want his secret. .___.


It was awesome though and I taped it. <3 I had to switch tapes during the middle of GLAYs though. :/ and I only caught the last 15 secs of Laraku's song. I want DVR again~. But it was a good weekend. I even got my Homework done.

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Someone was asking...and it seemed like such an easy song to romanize. Maybe I'm getting better with my kanji? My new dictionary helped too. English translation when If I ever feel less lazy.
Thanatos - Rinne no Sunadokei )


Mar. 24th, 2009 05:21 pm
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I'm feeling kinda poetic.

Although, that may be the wrong way to put it. Like...  I don't know, there are a bunch of words sitting in my chest and mouth and throat that want out. It's practically a physical weight. ...kinda uncomfortable. Like it's choking me or something. But I can't think of what they say or mean, so I can't write it out. And Just because they're there doesn't mean I automatically gain the creativity to turn them into something else so they can leave.

...Sounds kind of silly/stupid, I know. But I mean it...

Do writers feel this way? Although I doubt I count as one considering the length of time that's passed since I last finished a story or even felt like starting one. Maybe I'm just inspired and it's been so long I don't know how to interpret it anymore? Or is it something else?? I can't figure out what to call this kind of felling or the emotion(s) that come with it.

Such a weird mood today....


/ drawing it out

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I found this old quilt from 3rd grade. Our teacher had us make them for... well, I don't recall. Each kid brought in fabric and we all made our own with the patterns. Some of the parents came in too. I remember that when we finished we signed them. I feel so bad orz. Two people wrote their numbers, but I never called... Not only did I never use the phone back then, I hardly knew such a thing existed. I didn't even really use computers until fourth grade. I just set them up for people or fixed them.


This sort of thing makes me wonder just how much else I've forgotten.


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