Jul. 19th, 2011

ashuren: (WinME-overworked)
I'm freaking out over the thought of a Good Omens miniseries. Just way too excited for this. I'm hoping it'll be a grand show ! This wait is already killing me though. Not sure if I can make it.

At the moment I'm looking for a job to fund my schooling. I keep switching interests from teaching ESL and becoming a game or computer programmer. If I could, I'd follow my heart and be a director or artist, but my inspiration is so sporadic it's just unrealistic. For now, I'll write porn. AnE is such a great sort of source material. I'm having an awful amount of fun haha. I think I'll use this journal to crosspost fics after they go up on the kink meme.

Journal for fics and tumblr for arts then.

Whenever I use these things it always turns into just a silly squished together text version of my thoughts. It's like thinking out loud and having it transcribed. Utterly ridiculous I say.

Anyway, I'm invited for a LAN party, so I should go to that. I'd much rather be listening to my Ar Tonelico music/etc, but I've gotta get out of the house sometime. Speaking of, I really need to find a working PS2 soon. Why do they all breeeeeaaaaak??!


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